Dispatch hospital staff with clarity & precision

NavvTrack Team Workflows show you the live location of
your teams so you can seamlessly coordinate patient care.

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Everything Happens Somewhere

With a live view throughout multi-million square foot buildings, dispatchers and hospital leadership can optimize their workforce to account for fluctuations in patient flows on a day by day or even minute by minute basis. Knowing where people are needed, and who is the closest qualified person to help is fundamental to operating care traffic control.


Location Aware Dispatch

Challenges of knowing where staff are needed and where they are located is common throughout complex buildings like hospitals. With NavvTrack Team Workflows dispatchers have a live operational view that gives them real-time visibility of their resources. This helps them optimize their workforce so they can do more with less.


Live Team Messaging

Say goodbye to outdated pagers. Now you can conveniently coordinate with your team through text, voice and video with NavvTrack on any iOS device. Automatically receive and send alerts based on job status or personal availability, with no interruptions or downtime.


Time is Priceless

Save time for your whole team using a single application to locate equipment, find staff, and see proximity. Direct message individuals or whole teams for efficient communication. In an environment when the focus needs to be on the patient, NavvTrack keeps your team connected.

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NavvTrack Workflows Help Healthcare

Improve response time & safety

When a patient or staff member is in crisis, there’s no time to waste. Location-based personnel tracking allows team members to be dispatched rapidly and accurately.

Increase productivity

Matching staff with nearby tasks improves operations and workflow, decreases call volume, reduces team member downtime and overlap, and eliminates unnecessary effort.

Optimize staffing

With access to the real-time location of each team member, you’ll gain important insights into staffing needs and capacity constraints so you can plan wisely.

Improve transparency & accountability

Keep the pulse on your team. Location-based services allow you to find staff, view roles and responsibilities, assign tasks, and track progress.

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