Unleashing the Full Potential of iOS Fleet Management with Team Collaboration

Erin Brynn
December 15, 2023

Team communication and coordination is a challenge faced in every industry and one that has especially large consequences in healthcare. If hospital employees are not able to communicate with each other and dispatchers cannot easily coordinate the work that needs to be done, timely care delivery may be jeopardized. Delayed support services tasks have a cascading effect; procedures may be pushed back, rooms might not get cleaned, and lab work could be postponed. The NavvTrack® platform provides the tools necessary to improve team communication and reduces delays that have hospital-wide consequences.

NavvTrack® iOS Fleet Management empowers teams to manage their fleet of phones effectively by enabling awareness of real-time device movement throughout the hospital. Along with seeing the location of phones, managers can also choose to enable logins in order to utilize team workflows. This can be done on a team-by-team basis, which allows for flexibility based on team preference. By logging into the Navv mobile application, teams can unlock valuable features that streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

Real-time Visibility

One of the features available to teams with logins enabled is the ability to visualize the up-to-date location of key staff throughout the building. Dispatchers can see their team members on a map, assign jobs based on proximity, and coordinate timely assistance. This reduces the amount of time spent traveling across the building to pick up patients or lab samples. Staff can also operate more safely by logging into Navv, as they are able to request assistance and know they can be easily located in an emergency.

Secure Messaging

In addition to managing mobile devices, the Navv platform offers a crucial feature—secure messaging, accessible to logged-in users. NavvTrack provides HIPAA-compliant messaging, facilitating seamless communication for key staff beyond physicians and nurses. This robust messaging system allows team members in support services, transport, EVS, and others to communicate securely, participate in team-wide group messages, and swiftly disseminate information about emergencies. Dispatchers can also locate their team directly from the Messaging window and assign tasks based on location.

Healthcare teams can unlock increased efficiency and security by utilizing the features offered through the mobile app, and every team member can benefit from logging into Navv. Dispatchers can increase team productivity by leveraging location, and staff can utilize secure messaging to ask for assistance or simply connect with fellow team members. Beyond mitigating the risk of mobile device loss, NavvTrack plays a pivotal role in optimizing team workflows and safeguarding the timely delivery of hospital care. The platform emerges as an invaluable asset, aligning seamlessly with the diverse needs of healthcare teams to foster a culture of enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and security.