Visualize Use. Prevent Loss.

NavvTrack iOS Fleet Management allows IT departments and mobility
teams to efficiently manage, locate, and recover their devices.

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Easy device management for your mobility team

iOS Fleet Management


With thousands of devices cycling in and out of your control, knowing how they are used allows mobility teams to reallocate existing devices to where they are needed most.


Have information at your fingertips when a device is reported missing by seeing its last known location, battery status, or current network it is on. Stop losing devices and start recovering them with NavvTrack.


HIPAA Privacy Breaches may occur when cell phones and media devices are lost or stolen. Knowing where your fleet is at all times, with the ability to disable transient devices, reduces risk and increases trust.


NavvTrack works with your Mobile Data Management solution. Enhance your experience by providing integrated functions that enable team managers to place devices in lost mode over-the-air before they are reported lost.


Live View of Devices

Whether you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of iOS devices, knowing where they are being used improves the recovery rate of lost equipment across your healthcare campus. NavvTrack monitors key conditions such as active network, battery health and location every second, to quickly visualize potential risks.


Set your Boundaries

Know when a device leaves your medical campus and where it is currently moving using geofencing technology. If location settings are disabled, NavvTrack will allow you to see the last known location and be alerted if the device joins another network.


Enhanced Lost Mode

With thousands of devices in multiple buildings, by the time a device is reported as lost, it is unlikely to be recovered. Mobility teams can enable team managers to immediately place devices into lost mode with NavvTrack. You can even define a set of conditions such as location, network change or battery state, to send alerts to the device or automatically place it into
lost mode.

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