Specimen Tracking with NavvTrack

The NavvTrack Specimen Tracking module solves the problem of lost & delayed specimens that never make it to the lab. Ensure a top quality patient experience and meet your compliance and efficiency goals.

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of all medical testing errors occur during the pre-analytical phase, with the majority happening before any specimen even arrives at a laboratory.

Real-time job boards

In a Care Traffic Control setting, knowing when and where specimen pickups are happening is critical to providing a high standard of care. Hospitals using NavvTrack can allow dispatchers, nurses, and pathologists to view a digital board showing where the transporters are in real time, as well as which pickups have been completed, missed or delivered to the lab. Dispatchers can interactively send jobs to whoever is located closest to the request, to ensure timely service and accurate results.


Live view of movement

As transporters or couriers move throughout the building, a live view of their location becomes critical to sustaining a high level of patient care. Knowing the exact moment the specimen is delivered and optimizing the next job to be done can save time when it matters most. Hospitals standardizing their workflows on the NavvTrack location platform are able to improve staff efficiency and enable them to do more with less, by eliminating countless hours spent in the wrong location.


Eliminate lost specimens

Optimizing specimen pick ups and lab deliveries ensures that the samples get to where they need to be in a highly reliable process. Monitoring the collection and delivery jobs ensures that specimens are not lost, trust with the patient and care quality remains high.

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