Navv Systems is Transforming Healthcare
with NavvTrack Care Traffic Control

Founded in 2018 in healthcare for healthcare, as a spin-out from Henry Ford Innovations.

NavvTrack logo.

Built by a team of healthcare experts with a mission to simplify healthcare with real-time location and a vision for universal care traffic control

Meet the Team

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel Siegal, MD

Dr. Siegal is a radiologist, computer scientist, innovator, and healthcare leader. He has over 15 years of experience in clinical radiology, hospital operations, and healthcare informatics. His vision for Navv inspired the concept of Care Traffic Control in the NavvTrack platform – easy-to-use healthcare focused location technology that helps clinicians, support teams, and hospital leaders do more with less – improving efficiency, utilization, and patient care.

Dr. Siegal loves to travel with his family and explore new places and cultures.  He’s an avid foodie and loves to cook, which is balanced by his love of fitness, CrossFit, hiking, and skiing. He enjoys crossword puzzles, and completes the NYT puzzle every day.  日本語も少し話せます.


Heather Grisham

Heather has spent over 27 years working with start-ups and early-stage technology companies, specializing in the establishment of scalable business processes for administration, finance, operations and fundraising. Prior to joining Navv Systems, Heather was the COO/CFO for Pixel Velocity, an early-stage technology firm creating software for the oil and gas industry.

Even though Heather is tone-deaf, she loves to sing for anyone who is interested in a personal concert.

VP, Cloud Architecture

Ian Richardson

Ian is an experienced leader in the healthcare space, having led high-performing teams to accelerate software development and delivery in a range of organizations, from start-ups to large multinational corporations. Ian has worked for companies developing electronic medical record, virtual teletherapy, and AI-driven AR surgical guidance solutions, bringing expertise in cloud architecture, software delivery, and DevOps culture.

In his free time, Ian enjoys playing the piano, instructing martial arts, and shopping at Costco.

Director of Operations & Customer Experience

Jessica Cercone, BSIOE, MSEM

Jessica is a process engineer, project manager, and implementation strategist. Prior to joining Navv her experience spanned multiple industries. Most recently she drove process improvements for a major healthcare organization, where she led the creation of a technology solution to ensure timely follow-up care for patients. She is passionate about enhancing your patient experience through teamwork and innovation.

If you ever need a recommendation on where to eat, Jessica is an avid foodie who loves trying out new restaurants.

Director, Product Management

Andrew Stauffer

Andrew is a map geek, who found his passion for Geographic Information Systems and Cartography while studying Graphic Design at Bowling Green State University. He has worked professionally in GIS and the software industry for over 20 years, where he spent most of his career building products at Esri.

Outside the office, Andrew enjoys running and eating taco's or sushi in every city he visits.

Director, Platform Engineering

Pratik Agrawal

Pratik is an experienced software and product engineering leader with expertise in the healthcare domain. He has spent several years leading teams and developing web and mobile software for medical devices and digital healthcare solutions. He’s excited to join the Navv team and tackling the healthcare challenges our customers face today.

Pratik is a basketball fan and enjoys shooting hoops in his spare time.

Project Manager

Breean Flax

Breean is a project manager with a diverse background in Scrum and Project Management spanning the healthcare, mental healthcare, and logistics fields. Breean has a passion for understanding the human mind and its connection to effective project management and possesses a rare ability to empathize with customers, meet them where they are, and truly comprehend their needs.

When not indulging in mindless Reality TV, Bree is spending time with friends and family, her cats, and building her technical skills, because who wants to be left behind when Robots take over.

Product Designer

Erin Brynn

Erin is a product designer who enjoys combining research and design to create a user-centered experience. Prior to working in healthcare technology, she worked as a UX researcher and designer on various projects in Ann Arbor and studied Spanish in Granada, Spain. She joined the team in 2020 and is excited to work with Navv to improve the patient care experience.

Erin loves to listen to 80s music on her way to work.

Solutions Delivery Engineer

Caleb Kartha Bortles

Caleb is a field engineer with a strong background in mechatronics, computer aided modeling, and fluid dynamics. In the past he has worked on assessing 18 technologies from industries including ADAS, additive manufacturing, machine learning systems, rocketry, shock mitigation design, sensor design, advanced agricultural systems, and advanced biomedical systems. Caleb enjoys troubleshooting and working with Navv clients in their facilities to improve outcomes.

Marketing Coordinator

Matt Nelson

Matt is a creative, data-driven marketing coordinator with 7+ years of experience in building brand recognition and engagement through targeted print and digital campaigns. Prior to joining Navv Systems, Matt worked in the SaaS and Asset Management space. In his previous roles, he collaborated cross-functionally to achieve business goals and to develop B2B print and digital marketing collateral.

During the hot days of summer you can find Matt on a paddle board exploring the local lakes and streams of Texas with his family.

Regional Sales Director

Greg Sanders

Greg is a technology sales professional with 20 years of sales experience working across the public and private sectors. Joining the Navv Systems team from Apple, he brings extensive experience in customer experience, sales enablement and relationship management. Greg is motivated by a passion for finding solutions to problems that improve the employee and customer experience, and it was Navv Systems unique offering that appealed to him.

Outside of work, Greg can usually be found exploring the country with his camera, or at the Archery range.

Business Development Representative

Jenny Shkreli

Jenny has worked in tech sales for over 15 years specializing in process workflow and customer experience at Apple. She has spent several years leading teams and mentoring them through the world of tech sales. She is passionate about learning how people work and how technology can further enhance your skills and enable you to do your best work.

Jenny loves being outdoors hiking, disc golfing or just lounging in the river to cool off from the Texas heat.

Regional Sales Director

Mike Riley

Mike has extensive Technology Sales experience covering Healthcare and Enterprise customers across his 17+ year career.  Prior to joining Navv Systems, Mike worked at Apple supporting large Healthcare customers and managing multiple Apple sales teams.  He is passionate about team collaboration & selling, and enjoys helping customers implement technology that drives meaningful business outcomes.

Outside of work Mike enjoys going for a run, playing golf, relaxing with friends, drinking way too much coffee, and traveling with his wife and daughter to new places.

Junior Software Engineer

Tommy Brandon

Tommy is a passionate software engineer working on the development Navv's backend infrastructure. He joined the team full time after spending a stint with Navv as an intern, and looks forward to contributing to Navv's goal of innovating the healthcare experience.

Tommy is an avid fan of motorsports and spends his weekends watching IndyCar, IMSA, F1, and the World Endurance Championship.

Origins and Growth

Daniel Siegal, MD and Paul E. Zieske founded Navv in 2018 to transform healthcare with location intelligence. The Navv co-Founders met in the 2014-15 inaugural class of Henry Ford Innovations’ Davidson Fellowship program. In 2021, Navv received funding from several Venture investors to power its platform growth and expansion.