Helping hospital patients &
visitors find their way

NavvTrack Wayfinding makes navigating your
facility easy and enjoyable.

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Intuitive Navigation

Welcome patients with simple to use indoor navigation to help them reach their appointments on time. With no app to install, patients and visitors can be sent a link or simply scan a code for the best routes. NavvTrack will act as a personal guide, providing turn by turn directions to their destination.


Logistics of Healthcare

Help patients get to appointments on time. Inform and guide your teams with the most efficient route to complete any task any where in the hospital. Connect your teams with the equipment they need and ensure care is provided in the right place at the right time.


Low cost, High value

With a NavvTrack indoor map, staff, patients, and visitors can take advantage of digital wayfinding without an expensive or overly customized mobile app. Using the latest in indoor mapping technology, NavvTrack can guide people where they need to go with a simple link any browser can open.

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Improve satisfaction

Navigating a large, complex facility can be overwhelming for patients, visitors, and staff. Digital wayfinding reduces anxiety, increases confidence, and improves the care experience.

Ensure prompt care

Getting lost increases the likelihood of being late, which delays care for the next patient too. Digital wayfinding helps patients get to their appointments on time.

Reduce inefficiencies

When guests are empowered to find their own way, they don’t need to ask staff for directions. This gives your team members more time to complete essential tasks.

Manage traffic flow

Construction and critical events can impact the navigability of your facility. With digital wayfinding, you can alert guests instantly via their smartphone and provide safe alternate routes.

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