Keeping track of your
hospital equipment & assets just got easier

With NavvTrack Asset Tracking know where everything is,
right when you need it.

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Real-time locations

Never lose track of items again. Get a live view of where your equipment is, so you can focus more on what matters most. NavvTrack lets you see equipment in every room of the hospital, allowing nursing to find what is closest to them and centralized departments like engineering or sterilization find specific assets that need service.


Improve Utilization

Medical devices like IV pumps are frequently used but at times are misplaced, lost, or hidden by staff. NavvTrack can identify the location of each pump, but also knows when the device was last used. This helps avoid hoarding situations and by knowing each room the device travels to, analytics can determine how often the device is in use, waiting to be sterilized, or available and waiting to be used.


Equipment History

Knowing where your equipment has been can be just as important as knowing where the assets are currently located. With a detailed history NavvTrack can replay the life of the device, uncovering important stories about how it has been used, serviced, and stored over time.


Rapid Time to Value

At a fraction of the cost of traditional RTLS systems, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and gateways are an easy and affordable way to modernize support services that keep hospitals running. NavvTrack provides a consistent and intuitive experience across the web and mobile devices, making it easy for staff to start using the system right away.

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Eliminate equipment hiding
& hoarding

Tracked assets are easily shared by all. If teams feel confident finding equipment when they need it, they won’t have to stash items for safekeeping.

Avoid the cost of replacing or
renting backups

Asset tracking reduces overstocking and extra costs. No more paying for duplicate materials, late rental returns, or replacements for missing items.

Increase team efficiency

With real-time equipment tracking, teams can locate what they need and what is closest to them. No more wasted time searching for lost assets.

Improve patient care

Quick response time improves patient outcomes. Asset tracking allows teams to instantly locate nearby IV pumps, patient monitors, stretchers,
and more.

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