Transform care delivery with
NavvTrack Care Traffic Control

The all-in-one command center for safely and efficiently managing your hospital's teams and facilities. Think air traffic control – for healthcare.
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Coordinate team workflow

Know where your team members are so you can optimize care.

Asset tracking

Keep track of
your assets

Track your equipment to get the job done
faster and better.


Help people navigate your facility

Guide patients, visitors, and staff through your
hospital with ease.

iOS Fleet Management

Manage your iOS Fleet with ease

Make lost iOS devices a thing of the past. Set perimeters and know exactly when a device leaves.

specimen tracking

Prevent specimen loss and delays

See the progress of each specimen transport, ensure timely delivery to labs, and prevent loss.

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Powered by next-gen RTLS

A real-time location system (RTLS) custom designed for your hospital. We build upon Apple’s industry leading Indoor Positioning platform and your existing infrastructure to create a digital twin of your campus for unprecedented insight and oversight.

NavvTrack maps

NavvTrack software provides real-time meter-accuracy location on high quality digital indoor maps for easy wayfinding and a clear view of all your tracked assets, equipment, and team members.

BLE efficiency

Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is a fraction of the cost of expensive, outdated radio frequency identification (RFID). BLE is an easy and affordable way to interlink your hospital’s devices for accurate, real-time location and tracking.

All-in-one enterprise platform

No more point solutions. No more silos. The NavvTrack Command Center simplifies everything in one convenient, app-based platform – with specialized modules to meet all your location and tracking needs.